Build Day with Habitat for Humanity

What would be better than a Build Day on a warm Saturday in February?

Yesterday, I spent the day with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake in Baltimore, as a precursor to the Bike and Build adventure this summer. As an individual amongst 22 other volunteers, we got a lot done on the home that was a badly damaged duplex in the Govan neighborhood.

One volunteer I spoke with had been on this project since October. Since then, she had seen the home go from no back wall or flooring to what it was (as of our Build Day) – all three floors constructed, with studs in place on the top floor, and the entire back of the home built up. Our volunteer coordinator, Matt, mentioned this will be one of approximately 20 homes that this chapter of Habitat builds yearly.


The rear of the home, built since October. On the left is a fellow volunteer, and one of the site supervisors, on the right. Between them is concrete poured earlier that day.

Most of my day was working with styrofoam insulation, sealing it with spray foam insulation – to make the home more energy efficient – and some painting toward the end of the day.


The blue foam insulation was installed, along with spray foam insulation around the wooden studs.

What is great, though, is how a group of strangers comes together for the day and accomplishes so much. Even though the day went by too fast to learn everyone’s names, I did meet some great folks. James was one of a few site supervisors and had participated in an AmeriCorps program before joining Habitat four days before our Build Day. He was great to work with and showed good leadership. Also, I was glad to meet Barbara, Dave, and Taylor from a local church, and grateful that they shared their lunch bench with me (akin to that “new kid in school” feeling).

Overall, definitely worth the early Saturday morning start time, and hoping to do another Build Day for Habitat soon. If you want to learn more about Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, check ’em out here. Curious about Bike and Build? Click here. Aaaand lastly, if you’d like to donate to my fundraiser for affordable housing, mosey on over this way. Cheers.


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