Bike Month Updates

Yes, such a thing exists!  May is national Bike Month, thanks to the League of American Cyclists. Around the country, there are states, cities, and communities that have been celebrating Bike Month with Bike to School Day for students, Rides of Silence for fallen cyclists, and Bike to Work Day. The League of American Cyclists advocates for better bike infrastructure to make American more bike-friendly and also has great resources and data if you want to learn more about recreational and urban cycling around the country. Check ’em out and see how bike-friendly your state is.

In preparation for the summer adventure, my B&B teammates and I have been leading weekly discussions about AH with different perspectives. Topics range from a general overview of AH availability around the country, to creative approaches to public housing, to San Fran’s efforts to increase AH, to how the lack of AH affects different groups in our country (such as women, senior citizens, etc.). One great read I encourage you to look at is Impacts of Affordable Housing on Health. It discusses how AH can free up money for healthier food, how home stability can lead to less mental stress, how “green” energy efficient homes can mitigate long-term health risks, and much more. The more you know, right?

Bike with art

Three beautiful pieces of art.




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