Six days, three rides, and NH’s best cinnamon bun. 

Hello from Lebanon, New Hampshire! We’re six days into Bike and Build. After wrapping up orientation (rules, a group practice ride, and our first Build Day with South East New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity), the 36 of us dipped out wheels in the Atlantic Ocean in New Castle, NH, and rode 59 hilly miles to Concord, the state capital. Let me tell you – it was no walk in the park. But since then, we’ve ridden two easier days (still some hills, though).

Geared up before the wheel dip. The New Hampshire coast is picture perfect.

Some highs so far include: eating New Hampshire’s best cinnamon bun in the town of Warner, jumping into a beautiful lake outside of Lebanon, and just getting to know the team. 

Shout out to our hosts so far – they have been amazing. First Baptist Church in New London generously cooked us dinner and a very early breakfast. They also gave us a tour of their beautiful bell tower, with a bell made by Paul Revere from the early 1800’s. Here’s the view from the top:

Tomorrow, we have a Build Day here in Lebanon, NH, and then we’re off to Vermont. 127 miles down, only 3,819 to go!


2 thoughts on “Six days, three rides, and NH’s best cinnamon bun. 

  1. So excited for you Kerry! You will
    Have so much fun and make all kinds of new friendships, while doing two things you love: biking and helping others.

    Stay safe! Xo. Aj


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