Build Days in Vermont and New York

After traveling over 120 miles through New Hampshire, we had our second build day that was just over the Vermont border. We worked with Cover, a local nonprofit working to keep homeowners in their homes and make small adjustments to their homes. We were able to (almost completely) roof a veteran’s house. It was great to meet the homeowner while working and to talk to the director of Cover later that day at dinner.

After that, we conquered some crazy mountains in Vermont and New York (via a ferry!) and kept cruising til our next build days in Buffalo.

We spent two days building in Buffalo with their Habitat chapter. I was amazed to find out that Buffalo has appproximately 19 homes for everyone 1 homeless person. The issue is that it takes the city a lot of money to maintain the properties and fix up the buildings for those abandoned homes. Currently, the city is investing money in revitalizing their downtown area instead. Jury’s still out on if it’s working or not.

At the site, though, we focused on two single family homes. The majority of our work was assembling and installing walls, putting up a front porch, and some electrical work.

The work site in Buffalo.

We hit the road again and followed Lake Erie through Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

The perfect snack stop.

Talking about affordable housing, of course.

Rock on, Cleveland.

Next post: Michigan, Grand Rapids Build Days, Indiana, Chicago, and Wisconsin.


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